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About this website

Finding Books

On this website you can find many books to download. To make it easy for you to find the book you like there are several ways to sort and search for books.You can sort the book list by clicking on the title of a column. Clicking it again will sort the list in reverse order.To search for a book by it's title, or it's author's name just write in the search box and click "Search". There is also a list of categories that will help you find books related to each other. The small number next to each category title shows how many books are in that category.

Downloading Books

Clicking on the entry for a book in the book list will take you to a page with more information on that book.Also on that page is a box titled "Download" which has Icons for the different file formats that this book is available in.Clicking on one of these icons will initiate the download of this file.Your browser will ask whether you want to download the file and where you want to store it.Once downloaded you can open the file with the appropriate software.In some cases like SWF files and PDF it might open the files within the browser without asking (if you have a browser plugin).

eBook Software

If your device doesn't have any software installed that allows you to open the files, we have a list of useful software here:

  • Calibre

    A eBook reader and management software for PCs and Macs, which can open and convert between all common ebook formats.

  • Kindle App,Sony Reader App,Nook App

    Special readers that come with access to the book stores of these companies

  • Firefox Epub Reader Add-on

    For users of the Firefox web browser, this epub reader add-on allows you to open and read .epub files directly in the browser. It stores them locally and you can even read them while offline.